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Kitchen of wiesKitchen
Plastic or laminate, ceramic, natural stone, wood, stainless steel, glass or artificial stone – what should your WieserKitchen table be made of? © wieserKitchen

Make your kitchen the way you like it – with smarter kitchens in Fürstenfeldbruck!

Kasper soup noun, masculine [der]

Unlike his ancestor, named Kaspar, of the old Schwarzer pedagogy, the “Struvanupeter”, the modern supper clown does not despise his soup. On the contrary: He honors them as well as their close relatives, the stew, finally a hearty soup with more in it. Whether it’s cold soup, hot soup, puree, crab or mollusk soup, whether it’s brown soup, alloy soup, velvet soup or vegetable soup: If you want to make it right, make it yourself! It’s work, but you know what’s in the soup you make yourself and there’s nothing hidden in the muddy mess that doesn’t belong there.

The specialists of WieserKitchen in Fürstenfeldbruck will help you create the perfect kitchen

In the kitchen, all work begins and ends on an area that is also called exactly that: the countertop. What sounds mundane at first quickly becomes a challenge when the multitude of possible materials from which a kitchen can be made is revealed. It is Synthetic or laminated panels, ceramic panels, natural stone panels, of course desks made of wood, but also of materials such as stainless steel, glass or artificial stone. Only specialists know the advantages and disadvantages of all materials – such as those of WieserKitchen in Fürstenfeldbruck.

Kitchen of wiesKitchen
What matters to you in a good kitchen? © wieserKitchen

Kitchens are not primarily made for work, but for people. People with the most diverse preferences, needs, tastes and budgets. All the more important when you buy a kitchen consult a specialist like David Vogelsberger of WieserKitchen to know beside his side. On the YouTube channel of the Fürstenfeld-based company, he explains the advantages and disadvantages of using the criteria of easy care and hygiene, durability, decoration and price to start the desktop challenge. Plastic, ceramic, granite and wood tablets.

WieserKitchen’s specialists are on your side with tips and actions - so you can find the perfect kitchen for you.
WieserKitchen’s specialists are on your side with tips and actions – so you can find the perfect kitchen for you. © Geyer photo team

A good first overview to have at a Visit to Wieser’s kitchens should certainly deepen: Because as with soups and stews, the ingredients are also important in kitchens. And the “work” is really fun only when you have the right tools and the perfect workplace equipment – including countertop Of course.

Reward smarter kitchens
WieserKitchen Award © WieserKitchen


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