A new café in Emmerich offers a rich breakfast

With the Mévan breakfast café, a new gastronomic offer has opened at Emmercher Steinstraße. This is what visitors can expect on the spot.

Everyone who enters Café Mévan at Steinstraße 5 in Emmerich immediately feels as if they have traveled to Turkey. Speakers play Turkish music in the background. On the ceiling shine colorful lights that look as if they were flown straight from the East. A carpet shows a bazaar scene with a man on a camel and merchants sitting on the ground.

36-year-old Hüsniye Altun called her café “Mévan”. That means something like “visitor” or “guest”. And the owner of the new cafe is also completely focused on his guests. “We try to do whatever the guests want,” she says.

Just try something new

For example, there are always new dishes on the menu. What pleases customers will continue to be offered. Dishes that don’t quite meet the taste of Emmerich’s public are removed from the menu. It is important to Hüsniye Altun that their guests can try the rich offer of the café. Try one or the other before ordering a larger portion is always possible.

“I recently had an older couple here who actually just wanted to eat a roll,” she says. Instead, Hüsniye Altun offered to put together a dish of specialties from the breakfast buffet for the two guests. The customers accepted the offer. “And in the end they were really happy,” says the 36-year-old.

Extensive breakfast with Turkish specialties

The theme of breakfast is very important in the Mévan. For 13.99 euros, guests can eat something here at the breakfast buffet. And the offer really leaves nothing to be desired: various types of cheese, fruits and vegetables await guests here. In addition, homemade dips and some hot dishes. In addition, tea and filter coffee are included as beverages in the buffet price. “We do everything ourselves here,” explains Hüsniye Altun.

In this case, “we” are the owner of the cafe and her cook, Gülperi Tas. “At the moment we can do it together. But if there is more to do here, I would hire more employees,” says Hüsniye Altun. Currently her aunt and a few cousins ​​are helping out when there is more to do. But most of the time, the two women manage the day-to-day operations alone.

Lunch – also to take away

However, what is on offer at the Mévan is not just limited to the breakfast buffet. You can also buy food for lunch. Cig Kofte, Turkish pizza and slow soup are also on the menu. “Of course, our guests can also bring them along,” says Hüsniye Altun.

She is glad that the Mévan is already very well received. For some specialties, such as her “egg biscuits”, which she later renamed “Mévankekse”, customers sometimes travel to Emmerich from Doetinchem in the Netherlands. The same is true here, as with all the dishes offered in the Mévan: it’s definitely worth a try.

>>> Opening hours and offers

The Mevan Cafe (Steinstraße 5) is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm Except on Tuesdays when the restaurant is closed.

The breakfast buffet for 13.99 euros is available daily from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Then the other dishes are offered. And of course you can also enjoy coffee specialties or tea in the cafeteria.

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