Bouquet Garni: Simply make your own herbal blend

A bouquet garni is a set of different herbs that are cooked in soups and stews. Here we show you what ingredients you need for a bouquet to garnish and how you can make it yourself.

As the name suggests, the garni bouquet comes from French cuisine. There it is an important ingredient in soups and stews. With a bouquet garnish, you can give vegetarian or vegan vegetable soups and broths a nice aroma, for example, without having to use additional vegetable powder.

The classic and simplest variant of the garni bouquet consists of fresh parsley sprigs, fresh thyme sprigs and laurel. Depending on the recipe, you can also add a branch to the bouquet of herbs lovagebranch rosemary and branch marjoram Add.

Be as careful as possible with the herbs for the bouquet to garnish organic quality. You support more environmentally sustainable agriculture that carefully uses resources and uses chemical synthetics. pesticides gave up. Or you can plant the herbs yourself, more on this here: Growing herbs: These tips make it easy.

Tie a bouquet yourself: This is how it works

To tie the bouquet, you will need a cotton thread.
To tie the bouquet, you will need a cotton thread.
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bukedo garni

  • Preparation: about 5 minutes
  • Crowd: 1 piece