Cook with Caritas Herzebrock

Salad from the bag, vegetable soup to mix, the complete meal in an aluminum bowl – the range of ready-made products is huge, but the girls and boys quickly came to the conclusion that home-cooked is best. Rita Ahlke, Franziska Petermann and Monika Borgelt from Caritas Herzebrock stood by the children and brought with them the recipes, fresh ingredients and lots of knowledge and helpful tips on cooking with them. As a starter, an apple and carrot salad and a pizza soup made from two kinds of peas were created. Burgers were the main dish on the menu. For dessert there was quark, American, Indian style pancakes and strawberry tiramisu.

Working in small cooking groups promoted the team spirit of the young chefs who prepared their dish for the group hand in hand. “No chopping, no cooking, hardly any washing and hot food in the near future: ready-made products are practical and quick to prepare, but are they healthy? – You can do a lot yourself and cooking together is fun,” explained Rita Ahlke to the children. , who has been working as a foodie in a canteen kitchen for more than 30 years, Tobias (9) and Eric (9) learned how to make their own burgers on Friday, from the crispy bun to the homemade pie to the slice of cucumber, tomato and onion. all made from fresh food.A burger would not be composed of prepared products.

The goal is to encourage the girls and boys to cook and give them helpful tips so they can cook one or the other dish at home, on their own or together with the family, the instructors explained. The young chefs were given all the recipes to take home in printed form. The children brought large cans with them so that their siblings and parents could try them on as well.

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