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Anyone who has managed to climb the Alter Berg near Erlenbach has a beautiful view. Stock photo: Holger Watzka

Photo: Holger Watzka

In the past, you might be sure that when the weather was nice on Father’s Day, people flock to Erlenbach for Wine Day. This is different after the coronary crisis:

“We can’t estimate how many people will come,” says Guntram Arnold, president of the organizing sports club (SVE). After a two-year hiatus during the coronary crisis, people are now walking through the Erlenbach vineyards again during the Ascension. As in 2019, there is a station at the old sports ground. “We set them up mainly for young people,” Arnold explains. The youth of the SVE basketball department will provide food and drinks.

Arnold reports that there were considerations as to whether a station should be removed to keep the wine migration day smaller again. However, this was rejected. Rumor has it that in early May, the wine migration day could not take place in 2022 because there were not enough volunteers for the sales stands.

Lentil soup at the Festhalle

Arnold firmly disapproves of that. The association needs about 100 helpers it has now assembled. After the crown-related break, the teams of assistants at the supply booths would have had to find each other again.

For example, the young footballers took over the stand on the Alter Berg, while the basketball players will continue to eat at the Teufels-Hütte. The football, chess and table tennis departments commonly provide food supply in the festival hall. They will again offer 300 servings of the slow soup typical of Erlenbach.

At SVE, lessons were learned from past experience. In the afternoon hours in particular, the potential for aggression after increasing alcohol consumption increases significantly for some wine hiking day guests. Arnold estimates both the old sports ground and the hiking destination Festhalle that there could be increased potential for disputes there.

More security guards

That is why, among other things, the rescue routes were better marked for this year. At the old gym, at the other stations and along the hiking trail, employees of a security company will once again make sure everything flows smoothly. According to Arnold, twelve security forces will be deployed this year, two more than in 2019.

Marktheidenfeld’s police inspection announced to Arnold that it would be present. And he expects the district office to once again implement youth protection. In the past, for example, it has been checked whether the stands sell wine to children and young people under 16. “We will again explicitly inform our assistants about this,” Arnold says. “No one is interested in providing the children with alcohol.”

The president of SVE also cycled the hiking route on Thursday and will drive past the stations to observe the situation. The preparations are done. Now all Arnold can do is hope for the best wine migrating weather: 20 degrees Celsius and a slightly cloudy sky. Then it is best to caress – without sunburn, but with a lot of thirst.


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