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Turkish cuisine is often underestimated. It offers much more than just the doner kebab or lahmacun, which are widespread in this country and often loosely translated as Turkish pizza. Anyone who has ever been able to explore Turkey certainly has their money’s worth in terms of taste, whether vegan or meat lover. Turkish cuisine is abundant and varied.

Slow soup tastes like childhood

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A fairly simple but very traditional and rich dish is a slow soup. The taste of slow soup is reminiscent of childhood, as the family recipe is often passed down from generation to generation, explains Orhan Tnaçgil. He has been publishing since 2008 CookYouTurkish classic Turkish recipes. Lentil soup is drunk in Turkey. In the morning, at noon and in the evening, whenever you want. Sometimes it’s also a good idea to drink the soup right before bed, says Tançgil.

For example, you drink lentil soup after a night of drinking. When you have drunk alcohol, you drink soup again at four or five in the morning and only then do you fall asleep. – Orhan Tnaçgil

Because there are a lot of proteins in the lenses that provide a good basis for regaining strength. In some recipes you will also find many good herbs, from parsley to coriander to mint.

Variation from region to region

Although the lentil soups in Turkey have a similar basic recipe everywhere, they differ in taste and appearance. That depends on the regional conditions. In the west, the more vegetables end up in the soup, the further southeast you go, the more pepper, ie salça, is mixed into the soup.

In conversation with detektilo.fmmoderator Juliane Neubauer explains Orhan Tançgilwhat is special about Turkish lentil soup and how to prepare it.

Orhan Tançgil - has been posting on his blog for almost ten years "CookYouTurkish" traditional Turkish recipes with great success.

For almost ten years now he has been publishing traditional Turkish recipes with great success on his blog “KochDichTürkisch”.

Paprika brand, te salça, is a bit of the red gold in Turkish cuisine. Origin of southern Anatolia. But it spread all over Turkey.Orhan Tançgil

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In this video, Orhan Tançgil shows how easy it is to make his family recipe for slow soup:

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