Healthy and good! – “It’s doing well!” Barbecue recipes for the summer

Barbecue is one of the most popular hobbies in summer. In keeping with the current focus on nutrition, the health service “Tut gut!” expands its digital cooking magazine with four new videos on the topic “Healthy.Grilled”. For example, veggie fire stains or roasted stone fruits with goat cream cheese are served.

“There doesn’t always have to be sausages or marinated chops,” says nutrition expert Irene Öllinger – and further: “Chicken or fish is more than just a suitable alternative. Mushrooms, potatoes, peppers or pumpkins are a balanced addition to side dishes. But exclusively vegetarian roasted dishes are also very much in vogue. “

“It’s good!” has something to offer everyone with the new format ‘Healthy.Christ’ .From light and healthy grill ideas to colorful, nutritious dishes for enjoyment without regret, ”says Provincial Councilman Martin Eichtinger, urging people to discover the dishes and try them.

Regional and seasonal

Many types of vegetables such as peppers, pumpkins, eggplant, corn on the cob, thistle, fennel, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower or edible mushrooms are in season during the summer and are therefore available regionally. Almost every vegetable is suitable for grilling and is not only healthy but also delicious. In addition, it brings color to the dish, as it is known that the eyes also eat.

The healthy “Do intestines!” grill tips

• Watch out for the trap: Prepared sauces can be real fat and sugar traps. Surprise your guests with homemade dips and sauces based on yogurt and sour cream mixes or a fruity chutney. Refined with fresh herbs you can easily save calories and salt. E: You also know the ingredients.

• Healthy side dishes: What about curly lettuce, roasted vegetables or roasted whole bread?

• Variety is also good when cooking. Try vegetarian products like tofu or seitan.

• Usually grill: When grilling, make sure that as little fat as possible drips on the burners or on the burners. Because this creates harmful substances in the smoke that get stuck in the food to be grilled.

• Cut off charred spots on the meat, these should not be eaten.

• Fresh herbs not only spice up grilled sauces, marinades and the roasted foods, they are also ideal as a pest mixed with roasted vegetables.

• Use high-quality oils such as flaxseed, nut, poppy or sesame oil for salad marinades. This also brings a healthy variety to salad dishes.

• For grilled marinades, you should use oils that are suitable for high temperatures, such as rapeseed or sunflower oil. Olive oil is suitable for fast grilled food such as fish or vegetables.

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