Healthy Crab Fried Recipe – Suitable FOR FUN

Healthy because …
The shrimp contained in the crab chips provide the body with many vitamins and minerals as well as proteins. The fish contains 18.6 grams of protein per 100 grams. If you eat the fries on a diet, the low calorie snack will keep you full for a long time and they are even gluten free.


Water, salt, pepper, tapioca starch

Put the water in a saucepan and boil with the salt and pepper. Meanwhile, place the tapioca starch in a bowl. Pour the boiled water over the starch and stir thoroughly and quickly.


Finely chop the shrimp and add to the tapioca mixture. Work everything into a smooth dough. Then form the dough into rolls with a diameter of about 25 centimeters.

cloth, steamer, water

Pour some water into a saucepan. Hang the steamer over it so that it does not touch the water. Place the rolls slightly apart and cover with a cloth. Now bring the water to a boil and steam everything for 45 minutes.


Store the steamed pasta rolls in the refrigerator and let them dry for about 2-3 days. After this time, cut the rolls into slices about 2 millimeters thick, place them on baking trays and let them dry in a cool place for another day. It is important that they can no longer be bent before further processing.

Olive oil, crepe paper, paprika powder

Put some oil in a pan or fryer, heat to about 180 degrees and fry the chips in it. After frying, place the chips on crepe paper so that as much fat as possible can flow away. Spread the pepper evenly over the chips while they are still hot.

The recipe for healthy fried crab with all the necessary ingredients and the simplest preparation – cook healthy with FIT FOR FUN


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