Here’s how the region cooks: Grill fish like a pro: The best tricks – recipes

3. Dry the fish briefly on the well-heated grill and then finish cooking on the edge of the grill. Depending on the size, it takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the gilding to be ready. Your core temperature should not be more than 65 degrees, a roast thermometer will help you not to exceed this point. If you have a pot grate, you should grate the fish with the lid closed, which ensures a tender result.

A grill with or without marinating?

Of course, you can just put almost any fish on the grill, but many types of fish scream for marinade, which enhances their own flavor. Sea bream, for example, is a wonderful fish to roast and always tastes good with or without marinade. The strong aroma of fish from the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic goes especially well in marinating basil, chives and parsley, combined with lemon, thyme and garlic.

The right side dishes

The best accompaniment to roasted fish is hard to spot, as almost anything would go well here. Everything that goes well in the summer buffet, especially salads with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and simple leafy salads with unusual sauces, tastes good with roasted fish. But welcome side dishes like fries or pasta salads are also a welcome addition.


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