Incredible! How much money does a merchant pay for an old Maggi advertisement?

Although the sign has seen better days, it is in better condition than other specimens. ZDF

The metal corners are already slightly abraded, some of the letters are missing the paint. The years and external conditions made their toll on the sign, and it was even dropped once. However, Sven Deutschmanek calls an incredible price for this advertising sign from Maggi.

This sign at “Bares for Rares” is much older than I thought

Even the owners of the sign, two sisters named Tina Wunderle and Jennifer Bupp, thought it was a lot of rubbish at first. Only when an interested buyer makes an offer of 250 euros, the two prick up their ears. How much is it really worth? And why?

That’s why art expert Sven Deutschmanek explains why a piece of metal with some paint can be so valuable. It is a sign that was made between 1900 and 1910, ie at the time of industrialization. When many factory workers had to work long days, the Maggi company wanted to bring high-protein, filling foods to the people.

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Grand Prix for Maggi Shield in “Bares for Rares”

These signs have then been exposed to the elements for years, so it is difficult to find a copy that is not completely destroyed or in fairly good condition. “With enamel signs, it is always important: What is the condition? I can tell you that your sign is in good condition,” says the expert during his consultation. So how much can you expect for it? About 250 euros as proposed by the buyer Or even more?

It’s actually a lot, a lot more. Even the fairly high asking price is not enough “Yes, 600 euros, anyone can do that if they want to make a click. But in this case we are at 1000 to 1200 ”. Will traders really give so much for an old sign?

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David recognizes Maggi immediately and is immediately enthusiastic ZDF

David is going one better

The experienced art dealers immediately recognize the Maggi sign and also directly know that it is more valuable than you would think. However, the offer starts quite low, initially in the 500 euro range. Only when it is mentioned that the expertise has been much higher do the traders really get started.

The price continues to rise and when David Suppes takes a big price jump to € 1400, everyone else comes out and the 120-year-old vegetable soup claim is his – and two lucky sisters go home with a lot more money than they expected.


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