Johanniter maintains the forest fire in Treuenbrietzen

… left for Frohnsdorf with full equipment. The day before, a quad and a motorcycle were required as detectors in the fire area.

Jessica Schulz of the Johanniter reports: “The main focus, however, was to provide food and drinks for about 450 emergency services. At a central location, all were cooked and hundreds of rolls made.” The food then had to be delivered directly to the deployment sites in the forest and to the technical operations management. “The delivery of a portion of slow soup was received with so much gratitude. It doesn’t matter if it’s 35 degrees or heavy rain, one day you’ll run out and then you’ll have to refuel, ”explains Florian Paschel of the Johanniter. The framework conditions for the operation were extremely demanding due to the weather conditions.

In addition, unit leader Florian Paschel and his team coordinated all food supply logistics and are responsible for meal planning. “We are always supported here by various SEG units from the state of Brandenburg, as this challenge can only be addressed together,” Paschel explains.

After almost 90 hours everyone returned to Brandenburg on Tuesday morning. “Now is the time to recharge your batteries, clean and recharge vehicles, and restore operational readiness,” says Paschel.

Steffen Kirchner, regional board member of the Johanniter in Brandenburg-Nordwest adds: “I would like to thank our honorary and full-time office for the excellent work under the very difficult conditions. Setting up a full food supply for hundreds of people in the middle of nowhere is a huge achievement can be taken for granted. Many of them return to their usual work shortly after their assignment, or it is the colleagues who take on the duties and the family who support them, who sometimes make it possible to help where help is urgently needed. ”

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