Lentil soup was already available from grandmother – Lahr

INTERNATIONAL SOUP CELEBRATION: Rosa Darwish from Iraq likes to cook local dishes and likes to live in Germany.

LAHR. The International Soup Festival will be served on Saturday, November 21, at 12 noon at Max Planck High School. The campaign, which was once organized as a test of the integration council, has long been a definite success. As in previous years, the Badische Zeitung introduces new chefs and their recipes. Today we present Rosa Darwish with Kurdish slow soup.

Rosa Darwish has a very large family. Nine siblings and their parents live in Lahr. That is why their contact is mostly limited to their family and relatives. “I don’t have much time to meet other people,” laments the mother of five children. With so many children, she is fully occupied with daily family life. At the age of 22, the now 42-year-old came to Europe from Iraq – straight to Holland, where her husband worked for several months in an Argentine steakhouse for the perfectly grilled meat …


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