Lentil soup with carrots and mango – recipe

The stinky spice is perfectly suited to the current situation

On my normal weekdays, I like to eat soup for lunch, no matter the time of year. And because I’m really longing for more normalcy right now, I thought about preparing for us a typical office lunch in the form of a slow soup, with the hope that something like a more everyday, more normal attitude to life would set in. in with it. Because this crisis is slowly reaching me. As you can imagine, the soup of course did not lead to normal life. But she was delicious and we shared for the duration of a meal
happy, full and contented at the kitchen table. The soup is quick to prepare and, in addition to lentils, contains onion, carrots, mango, fresh basil and various spices. It is refined with coconut milk. Among other things, I used a spice for a spice that I only liked because of its name: Asafoetida means in German foul-smelling or diabolical impurity. Because yes, it stinks, and it stinks. But when it is cooked, the stench disappears and pleasant, characteristic garlic aromas develop. Anyway, the stinky spice fits in perfectly with the current situation, I think. However, if you suspect this spice, just leave it out and use garlic instead. I should also note that asafoetido and onion do not mix: if you go for the smelly spice, it is best to leave the onion.

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