Lunch: An important mainstay for Bottrop’s suppliers

In many restaurants, the midday sale has not yet reached the pre-crown level. Rising costs require a price balance.

It’s not just the classic evening gastronomy that contributes to the revival and flame of the city. The restaurants that offer lunch dishes in particular also ensure frequency and a relaxed atmosphere in their area in addition to the service. Even if the number of guests rises again: Most of them have not yet reached the pre-Crown level again. In addition, there is a lack of staff and rising purchase prices, which are not always fully delivered to the guests.

A long-established classic when it comes to lunch is the organic butcher Scharun at two locations. In Kirchhellen and Bottrop on Poststrasse. “We’re currently recovering from the coronary epidemic, the bistro was closed, for customers who weren’t in the home office anyway, it was just a take away,” says Burkhard Scharun, who runs the company with his brother Ulrich operates. In the meantime, however, not only did the food industry grow again, but the lunch guests also returned. “But the pre-crown level has not yet been reached again,” Scharun emphasizes.

However: There are five dishes, usually two main dishes, for example classics like sauerbraten, pasta balls, apple red cabbage, but also stews or grandmother’s slow soup. Meat from our own organic range, side dishes from regional conventional producers. “We know where everything is coming from,” says the boss.

Organic butcher Scharun: Bottroper City is harder than Kirchhellen

But he also knows that the city center in Bottrop is more difficult than in Kirchhellen. That’s why Scharun also relies on the market district initiative and is happy to have another luncheon at Poststrasse at Café Kram. His dream: to work together to make the street a living link between Berliner Platz, the hopefully upcoming Hansa Center and Kirchplatz – with expanded outdoor gastronomy.

It also buzzes with the second noon player at Poststrasse. “But not with the consistency and regularity as before Crown,” owner Christina Berger knows. You can hardly predict when it’s a really strong day, some people still aren’t sure. “Lunch is really important to us, it makes up a big part of the business,” Berger says. Since the pandemic, extortion has played a fairly large role.

That’s why Café Kram has long used recyclable packaging and has introduced a deposit system – as has its neighbor Scharun. “Unfortunately we have different systems that relate to the sizes of drinks,” says Christina Berger. A uniform reusable system, at least for the entire city of Bottrop, would certainly be a real plus.

Three lunch dishes, such as soup, stew and salad – all homemade and without artificial additives – are on the menu daily in the cafeteria overlooking the market and Cyriakuskirche. Sometimes, however, the owner also feels reluctance from the customers. “The purchase of goods has become really expensive, but we have to put it that way, but that also applies to recyclable disposable packaging, for which we now have to pay a fee, because the environmentally friendly material is even more expensive than the harmful one. one. “

Some clients have reoriented themselves through work at home

Bio-Bukes also use returnable jars and recyclable material. “During the Corona period, when the bistro had to stay closed and there were only dishes to take away, the mountains of luggage grew,” says Marion Bochenek. With her colleagues Simone Bürger, Emine Uygur and Eva Elster, she is mainly responsible for the bistro and the preparation of the lunch dishes – homemade cakes are almost always part of it.

The outdoor area has now been newly landscaped and furnished and invites you to take a lunch break next to the Martinszentrum. “Lunch is a very important part of our business,” Marion Bochenek emphasizes. The advantage: “We cook organically and vegetarian and so can process everything directly from our supermarket range.”

Bukes also live mainly from regular customers at lunch. The Corona dent, when most of the workers in the area worked from home, has yet to be compensated – not surprisingly, with a drop of a good 70 percent in midday customers. And now the summer holidays are feeling good. But: “The number of dishes will remain temporarily at the usual level.” And of course there is also a reaction to the rising prices of product and transport.

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