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The owners of Café Rosalie, Franziska and Leopold Glas, are the new hosts of the café in Feldafinger town hall.  It should be called
The owners of Café Rosalie, Franziska and Leopold Glas, are the new hosts of the café in Feldafinger town hall. It should be called “Miss Rosalie.” © Emanuel Gronau

The cafe at the listed Feldafinger train station will be named “Miss Rosalie” in the future. The new tenants Franziska and Leopold Glas want to start operating from April 1st. The two are experienced restaurants and look forward to their fourth cafe bistro.

Feldafing – Who gets the cafeteria at the Feldafinger train station? This question drives the citizens of Feldafinger. “Wherever I am, whether I’m shopping or spending an evening with friends, people ask me that,” says Mayor Bernhard Sontheim. Now he can give a satisfactory answer: the brothers Franziska and Leopold Glas have been awarded the contract for gastronomy at the listed railway station. They convinced the Feldafinger chief and finance committee with their presentation, so that the city council at its last meeting gladly followed the committee’s proposal and unanimously voted for the siblings.

The Glas siblings, who grew up in Pöcking and now live in Weilheim, have experience. Since 2011, the two of them – she studied business advice, he studied systematic gastronomy at McDonald’s – are self-employed as restaurateurs, while they run three bistros: the “Marmitas” and the Café Rosalie in Weilheim as well as the “Fräulein”. Rosalie “in Murnau. According to the same principle as these three café bistros, the operation in Feldafing should work, as Franziska Glas (37) says in an interview with Starnberger Merkur.” We offer breakfast, coffee and cake, lunch, pasta, soups. , snacks and sandwiches. ” For example, there is pasta with a variety of sauces, in addition to the organic soups from the “Pots”, promises Franziska Glas. can choose from a small croissant breakfast to a large breakfast for two.There are vegan and gluten-free cakes that come from a craft business.We leave the baking to the professionals, ”says Franziska Glas.Everything is offered, from Black Forest cherry to marble cake.

All food, including breakfast, is available to take away, which proved itself during the Crown period, the young woman says. “We work with Rebowl,” she explains. These are reusable harnesses. “We don’t use disposable packages at all,” she emphasizes.

The two want to open on April 1st. “It’s Friday, that fits pretty well,” says Franziska Glas. The plan is to operate from 8:30 am to 6 pm on weekdays and from 9 am to 5 pm on weekends. “That can change, let’s see how the frequency is,” says the hostess. In summer it should be open from Thursday to Saturday until the 21st “so that one can drink a glass of wine or Aperol Sprizz”. The facility remains as it was. “The inner seats are from the municipality, we just have to get the outer seats,” says Glas. And also some individual pieces and decorations for the guest room. Overall they really liked the space in the old town hall of Feldafing during the visit so far. The Glas siblings also want to use the Rathaussaal. “In Weilheim we also invite you to cabaret evenings, for example with Holger Paetz, and to concerts.”

Mayor Sontheim is looking forward to the new hosts. Three interested parties were registered on the committee, two also appeared. The Glas siblings “completely won over the committee with their friendship and expertise,” he says. “These are young people who have both feet on the ground and are already successful in Murnau and Weilheim.”

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