Mönchengladbach: Kita fights for a finally sick cook

Charity campaign in Mönchengladbach
Daycare fights for her finally sick cook

Her Turkish lentil soup is legendary in the Pfiffikus kindergarten. It’s almost something kids prefer to eat. But cook Emine T. (37) is now very ill. The nursery holds a festival in her honor to raise money. Because Emine’s last wish is a flight home.

Samira Rippegather, head of the Pfiffikus family center, still remembers the day when Emine T. first came to her nursery. “She brought us her son, and none of them spoke a word of German.” Initially, no conversation could have taken place with her without help, “although she still had two older children, who were also born in Germany. ‘”reports Rippegather.

The headmistress would later discover how Emine’s life had gone. Growing up in a small village in Turkey, she was only allowed to attend school for a few years. When her father recommended a husband to her, she was still very young. The chosen groom, formerly the next boy, had already lived in Germany and was the proud owner of Mercedes. Emine followed her parents’ advice, moved to Germany and had three children. The youngest became a wise child.

“Because the young family didn’t have a lot of money, Emine asked us one day if we needed a temporary worker in the kitchen,” says Samira Rippegather. This also happened by accident. From then on, Emine T.’s life changed. She worked hard, learned German and really enjoyed her job. “When she became a second cook, she first asked us nervously what she was cooking now, she still didn’t know German recipes,” reports Samira Rippegather. “We reassured her and said, ‘First of all, cook what you know.’ So Emine’s first meal in kindergarten was Turkish slow soup. “The girls and boys were thrilled,” recalls the head of the nursery. “Some kids said they like Turkish lentil soup much better than German lentil soup.” Since then, “Emine’s lentil soup” has become a household name and a popular food.

In the nursery everyone was happy because the cook, who was more and more prosperous, was now able to take care of her administrative duties on her own and wanted to get a driver’s license. “She now speaks German very well and she had everything under control in the kitchen. We cook for 120 people every day. Emine knew exactly how much she had to get, and she was also perfect when it came to organization, ”praises Samira Rippegather. She always had an open ear for the kids and was friendly to everyone.

But a year and a half ago, Emine T. had migraines and dizziness more and more often. The disease was not diagnosed for a long time, then suddenly in the evening came a call: “Immediately to the clinic.”

“Emine has been battling her leukemia ever since,” reports Samira Rippegather. There were weeks of hospital stays, often without visits – because of Corona. Calls only. Rippegather: “On a phone she said, ‘Pray for me, I have to live for my children.’ Emine never talked about herself, the pain and loneliness in the hospital.

Now it is clear: There is no longer any therapy for the chef from Pfiffikus. And Emine’s big wish is, “Come home.” Since the family still has little money, the whole nursery wants to help her. On Monday, May 2, from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., there will be a Bayram festival in honor of Emine in the nursery at Wilhelm-Elfes-Straße. “We are a multicultural kindergarten and we celebrate all the festivals. Children should get to know all religions and cultures, ”says the nursery manager.

This time, of course, it will be Emine’s slow soup. The children also made things they wanted to sell for their cook, including a small booklet with the most important words in many languages ​​that they put together themselves. The riding therapist also comes with her carriage and offers rides. The proceeds of the carriage rides, like all other money obtained, are expended for Emine’s last wish.


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