Nabucco: Löninger hosts satisfy the hunger of opera fans

The big opera event in Löningen is approaching. On August 6, the Prague Festival Opera will present the Verdi classical Nabucco on Kurt Schmücker Square. Advance ticket sales are going well – and not at all bad, as confirmed by city marketer Jörn Willen.

While the organizers take care of the stage and the seats, the two Löningen masters Jürgen Breher (Centralhof) and Klaus Kulgemeyer (Pfeffermühle) take care of the hospitality. “It was important for us to involve the local cuisine,” Willen emphasizes. Especially since the choice on site is not exactly small.

Unlike the famous choir of prisoners, the guests in Löningen should not go hungry. On the contrary: Breher and Kulgemeyer will invent a whole range of culinary delights. These include bite-sized appetizers and appetizers, the original Volkswagen curry sausage with homemade sauce and gazpacho vegetable soup. The organic farm at Kolk delivers the ingredients for that. “It’s going to be delicious,” Kulgemeyer promises. The drink menu includes Prosecco, various wines, sparkling wine and beer – but the latter is only available in bottles for hygienic reasons.

Due to the pandemic, the opera event has been postponed to 2022. Jörn Willen is sure that this time everything will work. The number of available tickets had to be reduced from 1600 to 1200 due to the distance regulations. They are still available at the tourist information and the travel agency Bednarzyk, among other places.

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