New at Hans-Sachs-Platz: The Orc Café is a great place to relax – eat and drink

– News at Hans-Sachs-Platz in Nuremberg: The “Orc Café” bears the name of a character from “Master of the Universe” and has a lot to offer: from breakfast to a drink after work – in the evening the Ork becomes a bar.

The mix of kitsch and practicality makes the Orc so special. The decor itself is pretty clean: a simple, gray counter with simple chairs and small tables. The attention to detail is particularly striking.

The huge porcelain jaguar with its mouth wide open, for example, or the tiny green and red tiger on the shelf. In between are small tropical plant seedlings and in the background alternately play reggae pop or loose house music. The comics on the wall above the bar indicate that the candy’s name comes from the anti-hero “Ork” from the 80’s Masters of the Universe series.

On weekday mornings, Cafe Ork is relaxed. Perfect as a place to work or study. The large windows give a beautiful view of the riot on Hans-Sachs-Platz. It’s time to slowly wake up with fragrant coffee and fresh banana bread.

For lunch or to relax, you’re in good hands at Ork: the menu has a small but good selection. For breakfast there is a croissant, pain au chocolat or yogurt with fresh fruit.

Lunch starts at 12 noon. There are healthy dishes like green curry or slow soup. In the afternoon delicious cakes are in the program. Always there: a vegan choice, for example spelled blueberries or pear chocolate. Heart lovers will get their money with delicious Levante salps like baba ganoush, hummus and muhammara.

In the evening, the café becomes a pub and invites you to an after-work drink or a walk on the weekend before heading to the club, as the doors are open until midnight.

More information about the “Orc Cafe” in our food and drink section!

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