Oriental carrot salad: a recipe for the spicy appetizer

Nutty and sweet aromas and crunchy vegetables meet a creamy garment in this carrot salad. Here you can find out how to prepare the spicy salad yourself.

It accompanies us all year round carrot as a versatile root vegetable. Grated, it makes a bright orange and cracker salad to which you can add flavors of Arabic cuisine with a few other ingredients.

The carrots are still coming sesame– and black cumin seeds as well as fresh herbs such as ment, Parselo and coriander added. In combination with almonds worries raisins also for a sweet nut note in the carrot salad.

You can almost always get carrots from the region, as early, middle and late varieties are grown in this country. In addition, carrots can be stored well. We also recommend cutting out carrots and the other ingredients as much as possible organic farming Buy. This cultivation method is more resource-saving and environmentally friendly than that conventional farmingbecause they depend, among other things, on the use of chemical synthesis pesticides gave up.

Oriental carrot salad: this is how you prepare it

For the carrot salad, you must first grate the root vegetables.
For the carrot salad, you must first grate the root vegetables.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / DaModernDaVinci)

Light carrot salad

  • Preparation: about 20 minutes
  • Crowd: 4 part (s)