Preparatory errors can weaken the effect of ginger

These preparation errors can weaken the effect of ginger

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Errors often occur when cutting the ginger root

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The ginger root is deliciously warm and extremely healthy. But if you prepare them incorrectly, you can weaken their positive impact on health

Ginger strengthens the immune system, speeds up metabolism and digestion, works against nausea and can prevent inflammation in the body. The tuber is a real miracle weapon for our health. Ginger is a popular home remedy like tea, but it can also work as a highly concentrated shot, in vegetable soup or in smoothies.

However, you need to pay attention to a few things during preparation so that the positive effect of the ginger root on the health does not weaken. Four tips:

Common mistakes when preparing ginger

1. Cut ginger too soon

As soon as ginger is cut, it already loses some of its valuable ingredients. Therefore, the tuber should be cut only immediately before further processing.

2. Peel a ginger

As with other foods, such as apples, most of the vitamins in ginger are located directly under the skin. Ideally, then, the tuber should not be peeled. Therefore, only organic ginger should be used so that the skin can be processed without hesitation.

3. Cut too large pieces

The sharp substances in ginger, such as gingerol and shogaol, develop primarily on freshly cut surfaces, so the root should be cut into the smallest possible pieces. If you cut the ginger too coarsely, you will lose some of the possible effects of the ginger.

4. Let ginger tea be too short or too long

When preparing ginger tea, you need to pay attention to the time of beer. Five to ten minutes is ideal. If the ginger pieces are removed from the water beforehand, the hot substances cannot optimally develop in the water. If the tea soaks for too long, it becomes too spicy and undrinkable – how intensely you like ginger tea is of course a matter of taste.

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