Recipe for marinated salmon: give the fish a rest

You have to be patient: The so-called dry salting is not very difficult, it only takes some time to refine the taste of the raw salmon.
Image: Claus Eckert

The so-called “gravad” salmon requires little effort, and there are no limits to experimenting with the preparation – you just let the fish rest enough.

Gn long ago, Swedes and Norwegians, living in remote areas without barrels and only small amounts of salt, would bury their catch to preserve it. Hence the name “gravad”, as it is called in Swedish. Today the spade remains in the room, but the procedure is similar. The so-called dry salting requires little effort, it only takes some time for the raw salmon to last longer and, above all, to refine its flavor.

The sting in which the fish matures draws water from it by osmosis. This makes the taste more pronounced. Some sort of “fermentation” starts to move, the muscle fibers thicken, the texture becomes soft and smooth. Germs have no chance in the saline environment. The selected spices and herbs spread their aromas. The effect increases over time, so I recommend keeping it for two days.


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