Rotary Club and Aktive City charity campaign on Ash Wednesday at the weekly market

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From: Magdalena Hocherl


Mealtime!  The clown women
Mealtime! The clown women “Glucks” and “Grandma” organize the market walk on Ash Wednesday with curiosity, wit and one or another nutritional tip. © ACTIVE CITY

The Active City and the Rotary Club are organizing a charity campaign on Ash Wednesday at the weekly Freising market. Anyone who likes soup is welcome.

Freising ‘Lent begins next week. For many it means tightening their belts and giving up sweets, meat or alcohol until Easter. For the start of Ash Wednesday, March 2, the Rotary Club Munich Airport, along with Aktiven City Freising, was thinking of something delicious: a spoonful of soup for a good purpose.

(By the way: everything from the region is now also available in our regular Freising newsletter.)

“Due to the pandemic, we can no longer carry out our proven charity campaigns, such as the business dinner or the Christmas lottery at the airport,” explains Hans-Peter Kohlhammer, President of the Rotary Club. “So we got together and looked for alternatives.” The idea for the fast soup came from Rotary member Ilse Katzenbogner.

That’s why, on Ash Wednesday, representatives from Rotary Cub and Aktive City are at the weekly Freising market, where they offer vegetable soup from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. – for consumption on site or “to go”. A portion costs 5.55 euros, the income goes to charitable things in the region: for example the women’s refuge, Lebenshilfe or Prop e. V. The campaign is supported by the Geisenhofer bakery and the arrangement kitchen from Kranzberg, says Manuela Paparizos, president of Aktive City.

Clowns ensure special market visits

In addition to the soup, there is another treat: “To make Lent begin with laughter and a bit of legitimacy, Aktive City has hired two female clown characters who walk along the market stalls and make the visitors walk a lot through the market. of wit and charming form, ”writes Paparizos. “‘Glucks’ and ‘Grandma’ are two cheeky, cheerful clowns with curiosity, wit and their own worldview, including on the subject of nutrition. Depending on the situation on site, they interact with the audience, talk about their latest culinary journey around the world or even start a song. “

Therefore, Kohlhammer’s call to the people of Freising for Ash Wednesday is, “Laugh and eat soup!”

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