SOS Children’s Village: Brave cuisine & outstanding casserole in Carinthia

Cheerful cuisine and an outstanding casserole. Sustainable mobility, both socially and while cooking. A new gift project in Carinthia, where love crosses the stomach.

MARIA WORTH. The monthly Austrian cooking campaign “Shared children’s memories in favor of SOS Children’s Villages” ended this time on a particularly outstanding plate: In the KÖCHELEI with FRANZ KLAMMER & OTTO RETZER.

Outstanding casserole

Renate Zierler, the friend of SOS Children’s Village and promoter of “Kirart children’s memories for the benefit of SOS Children’s Villages” created this time a particularly outstanding casserole for her monthly charity event: With ski legend Franz Klammer, actor and director Otto Retzer, culinary favorite. Gabriele Maria Köchl and SOS Children’s Village Administrator Gerald Stöckl were chatting and cooking on the shores of Maria Wörth. Topics were childhood, culinary delights and sustainable mobility – both in social interaction and in cooking.

Mobile kitchen

To the food is the motto of Maria Köchl. “With my mobile kitchen, which I use to hold my cooking classes, I drive straight to the fish pond, to the goat farm, to the asparagus farm, to the strawberry field.” At Gabriele Köchl, regional and seasonal items are on the menu: refined, healthy and uncomplicated. “You should be able to cook my dishes in the alpine hut, in every kitchen, on the campsite and I cook what is available in the woods, on the lawn and at the market.”

Cooking and charity

Reaching out to families is also the focus of SOS Children’s Villages. SOS Children’s Village Director Gerald Stöckl said: “So that children can stay with their parents, we go to families all over Carinthia who are in a difficult, difficult situation and urgently need help. That way we could always prevent the break-up of families.”

Already collected 45,000 euros

It is a matter close to the heart of Maria Köchl and her outstanding guests to support the project. “Children have had little to smile about in recent years. There are also children who do not have easy luck. I would like to help them. Children are our future. It is all the more important to protect them and our nature. To donate from each of my cooking classes I 50 euros to the SOS Children’s Village. ” More than 45,000 euros have already been raised through the cooking campaign.

Franz Klammer

In the arrangement, Franz Klammer spoke about culinary childhood memories: “This is actually a dish that is often found in advanced cuisine today and used to be simple food. At home, it was always hot Sterz in the morning.
best with milk coffee. That’s how I started the day. “

Otto Retzer

Otto Retzer also shared with us his culinary childhood memories: “Well, no matter how stupid it seems, my favorite dish was not schnitzel, it wasn’t Kasnudel, my favorite dish was vegetable soup and pancakes with orange jam! I will. Never forget sit on the school bus and watch me imagine how nice it would be if I came home now and there was vegetable soup and pancakes.I come home and what was there? Vegetable soup and pancakes.At that moment I loved my mother.the moon. “

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