Soups: composition, recipes and tips

Soups are the basis for soups and broths. It consists of carrots, celery and leeks. Find out here what you need to know about the vegetable package.

Soup Vegetables: Vegetables for all kinds of soups

A bunch of carrots
A bunch of carrots
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Green vegetables always consist of these three healthy ingredients:

  • carrots: The healthy beets contain many vitamins – including several B vitamins, vitamin C and the provitamin beta-carotene. They are also low in calories.
  • celeriradiko: He is rich in vitamins and fiber. It also contains essential oils that make it easier to digest and can prevent bloating.
  • Poreo: heard how Cepon and garlic to the Narcissus family and is used in many stew and used in winter dishes. The large amount of inulin contained in the leek is particularly valuable. The fiber is good for the intestinal flora, he said intestinal bacteria nourishes and stimulates intestinal activity.

Often you will also find a few stems in the greenery Parselowhich gives the soup a fresh, spicy flavor.

Greenery can be used in many ways

You can cook a lot of delicious dishes with greens, especially of course vegetable broth. But you can also have one vegetable stock cook and pour into jars. With these basic recipes, making soup becomes a quick thing.

You can find more recipe ideas with greengrocers here:

What you should pay attention to with green people

vegetable soup
vegetable soup
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / TanteLoe)

Of course, you can also simply put together the ingredients yourself and buy exactly the quantities you need. But if you want a set of greenery, it is best to buy the set on the market, ideally in organic quality. Here you get regional vegetables and mostly local farmers. In the supermarket, green goods are almost always in an unnecessary plastic package that you can avoid this way.

The vegetables keep well in the refrigerator for a week or more. Just put it in the vegetable box and wash it only when you want to use it.


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