Spaghetti Bologna beats currywurst: menu of the day

The food supplier appetite AG presented the menu letters for 2021 at its press conference on balance sheet. Rheine’s company in North Rhine-Westphalia estimates menu demand in the German system business on an annual basis.

Both the tastes and the requirements for their nutrition differ between children and adolescents, adults and the elderly. This is always reflected in the menu diagrams. Variety is especially important in a corporate food supply – from classic and vegetable dishes to international and gastronomic recipes. Likewise, another pandemic year had an impact on the menu letters. 2021 was also characterized by school and childcare closures and a home office.

For example, spaghetti Bologna for the first time defended its highest place, followed by curry and the vegetarian cappelletti pestopato (3rd place). There were also few surprises in kindergartens and schools – even there, as in 2021, a vegetarian lentil soup was able to maintain its highest position. Beef rolling is still the favorite dish for the elderly.

At work

Spaghetti Bologna defends top spot – guests want variety

Even in the second year of Corona, the most popular meal at work is the classic Spaghetti Bologna. Also indispensable in the top 3 is the currywurst with wavy cut fries
(Location 2). Again there were no actions related to the curry. These and similar factors again cost the highest place. Even if awareness of a balanced diet continues to rise, it can still be spaghetti bologna or curry.

The “Cappelletti Pesto Pan” secured third place again in 2021. Also the sweet potato curry was able to reach four places and finished in the 6th place.And if you want variety, you also want international and gastronomic recipes. For example, chicken “korma” with Thai rice is in 4th place, spaghetti with shrimp is new (8th place) and Mac Burger Western Style (9th place). It is not surprising that cooking is also required – although the Hausfrauen Art lentil soup has lost two places compared to the previous year, it is still in the good middle field at number 7.

day centers and schools

Vegetarian slow soup back first – in nurseries and schools it can be organic or vegetable

Especially the first half of 2021 was characterized by nursery and school closures. Whether in emergency care or in regular operation – the facilities want a balanced diet for the children and young people. First of all, there are meatless dishes that taste especially for the little ones – as seven out of ten dishes in the top 10 are vegetarian. The vegetarian lentil soup was able to maintain its highest position for the third time in a row. Equally important is the range of organic dishes – the organic potato and carrot stew climbed to the second place and the organic summer vegetables defended the fifth place. It can also be sweet, but please without raisins. With the Kaiserschmarrn without passes, there is a substitute in 10th place.

elderly people

Traditional – this is how the residents of the elderly like it

There were no surprises when it comes to the most popular dishes in seniors: Seniors want traditional and delicious dishes for lunch – very classic with a meat component, stuffing and vegetable side dish. The beef roll in sauce with boiled potatoes and apple red cabbage also took first place in 2021. And when there isn’t the classic three-component meal, there are stews: three stews are in the top 10: with the green bean in third place, and the festive soup pot with chicken in fifth place and the pea soup. in 7th place.The classic Klopse “Königsberger Art” took second place this year. But spaghetti bolognese is also popular with the elderly, so for the first time the most popular food dish company has reached the 10th place.

They will vegetate

The cappelletti pestopato takes the title

Vegetarian remains a trend and enjoys growing popularity. The dishes on the “Veggie-Power” menu do not require meat and arouse the desire to eat vegetarian food. More and more people are deliberately avoiding animal feed, especially for reasons of sustainability. The “Cappelletti Pesto Panne” – a veggie power classic on appetite – has once again taken the top spot this year. The lentil balls and grilled Mediterranean-style vegetables secured the second place, closely followed by the falafel balls of chickpeas with bulgur and vegetable pan. Newcomers are the heart-shaped noodles with vegetable bolognese and mozzarella balls (8th place) and triple cheese – three-cheese soup (9th place).

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