»Splendor of the Knights’ Era«: Elfen-Dust petrol station in Bad Wildbad – Bad Wildbad & surroundings

As a blacksmith in the grandeur of the era of knights in the spa gardens of Bad Wildbad: Andreas Gutekunst from Nagold-Hochdorf.  Photo: brick builder

As a blacksmith at the “Glanz der Ritterzeit” in the spa town of Wild Wildbad: Andreas Gutekunst from Nagold-Hochdorf. Photo: brick builder

From Friday afternoon to Sunday evening the Middle Ages returned to part of the Bad Wildbad spa for two and a half days.

Bad Wildbad – is witnessed by numerous visitors who, especially on Saturdays and Sundays when the weather was already midsummer, let themselves be carried away in times past by various offerings at many stands and in tents, with proper food and drink and with extraordinary music by love singers. .

Landsknecht garb

The “Glanz der Ritterzeit”, which took place for the first time in Bad Wildbad, was organized by “Fabula Corvinus” (Haiterbach) with Anja and Markus Katz in collaboration with the Bad Wildbad Tourist Office. Both were present in their Landsknecht attire and rejoiced at the pleasant atmosphere in the former area of ​​the spa park by the English Church and at the trouble-free cooperation with the city administration and Bad Wildbad tourism in the preparation of the first. one Event of this kind. “From families to families” is their concept and belief for the “splendor of the era of knights” in Kurpark of Bad Wildbad. Hoping to do it again next year or two.

About 20 stands and tents

About 20 stands and tents were set up in the Kurpark. With actors from the immediate vicinity, but also with those who had to travel long distances. On one side at the fountain with special drinks and dishes where the local cuisine could stay cold, such as flatbread, witches or oriental slow soup even with aphrodisiac spices. On the other hand, with colorful and mostly medieval offerings that particularly inspire children, but also adults. And with minstrels – for example with special bagpipes like the group “Insana Maxima” and with medieval peasants like the duo “Dulcimus” with the dancing puppet “Kunigunde von Klopfenstein”.

“Elf Dust Gas Station”

There were various offerings on the left and right of the Kurparkweg, as at the “Elfen-Staub-Gasstation”, with a juggler and a magician, with a magic wheel, with basket weavers, with leathers, with skins, with a costume. jewelry, with games for children and adults and with clothing, lace making, turned products and of course, for the delight of the children, with wooden swords and similar tools. In addition, hair was braided to match the medieval clothing, reading cards and, more for children, making elves, fairies, angels and butterflies. On his way to the English Church, Andreas Gutekunst established himself as a blacksmith from Nagold-Hochdorf.

Meet strange characters

And what is the motivation for the actors in events of this kind? “We and our two children are fascinated by the tranquility. And the realization that our time is not just determined by modern electronics,” said a couple from the Rottweil region, accompanied by two of their four children. “Great atmosphere where one can meet beautiful people and friends with this hobby” was the reason for two beautifully dressed women from Pforzheim and Schwäbisch Gmünd to visit this event in Bad Wildbad. “It’s fun to be here and meet strange people we belong to,” said two visitors from Pforzheim and Karlsruhe. “Because I can forge here, as was done in the Middle Ages and here is a beautiful platform for old crafts,” was the reason for participating Andreas Gutekunst from Nagold-Hochdorf. “The naturalness, the revival of past times and the handmade music are our motivation,” was the reason for the participation of a couple with a son from the Hegau, who had previously presented themselves as minstrels with bagpipes and at the same time “clapping”. (applause) thanked those present. They ran the stand “Insane Maxima”, described it quite casually as “completely crazy” and confessed: “You have to be a little crazy to do this hobby.” At an event without stress, without haste and with almost cordial friendships that you could cultivate or establish. That was the decisive positive impression that was gained by visitors and actors during the three days of the event.


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