“The perfect dinner”: “Tatort” mission for Marc?

At the end of the dinner in Düsseldorf, Sarah (33) invites you to her home. The virtual assistant wants to impress with a “world travel” menu. But even before it starts, Marc’s cell phone suddenly rings. He immediately reacts, “I have to go on a mission.”

“It’s a crime scene”

Sarah and her husband Sascha not only like to travel the world, they also make videos about it. You can see it all on their YouTube channel and in today’s dinner menu. Before the meal begins, guests enjoy the last aperitif on the last day. The mood is good, but suddenly a familiar title track sounds in the background. “It’s a crime scene,” Julia knows and Marc reflexively jumps up, “Yeah, I have a job.”

A brief anger is followed by a general laugh. The “operation” quickly turns out to be a call from Marc’s father. “He wanted to know how it turned out,” Marc explains to the group and then turns the phone on to silence. So Sara can start her dinner undisturbed.

The “Sharp Hape”

For starters there are Spanish pasta balls, pasta buns and carrot-ginger soup. Jürgen is enthusiastic: “The appetizer was perfect and just delicious.” Sarah’s appetizing creation was also well received by the other candidates.

The main course continues seamlessly. Sarah marinates her Norwegian salmon with dill and lemon before it goes into the oven. She calls it the “Sharp Hape” because the recipe came from a good friend (Hape) of her mother.

“It was a little slow”

The fish is then served with potatoes and celery, glazed carrots and wasabi cream. Marc is a fan of fish right away, Natalie would have preferred another kind on her plate. Sarah can then make a real impression with her dessert.

There are chocolate cakes, homemade chocolate, apple pie and vanilla yogurt ice cream. “The ice cream is great,” Julia says. Natalie, on the other hand, lacks more juice in the chocolate cake: “Everything was a little lazy.” Can Sarah, despite tiny criticisms, still have a chance to win?

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