The recipe of the week: Fish for the terrace of a star chef – Stuttgart

Michael Huppert with his imaginative creation.  Photo: Lichtgut // Ferdinando Iannone

Michael Huppert with his imaginative creation. Photo: Lichtgut // Ferdinando Iannone

Michael Huppert prepares a colorful and Mediterranean halibut. First of all, however, be careful: The fish is cooked in the oven at only 60 degrees. There are also potatoes and peppers.

Stuttgart – The regulars seem to have mixed their feet: When Michael Huppert reopened his restaurant in the south of Stuttgart after the Corona break, it was fully booked immediately. “That’s a nice confirmation,” says the 35-year-old. Back in the kitchen, he also seems pretty happy. “Pure taste” is his motto at the Hupperts restaurant, which received a Michelin star two years ago. What he values ​​about his work – and being a cook – is that he gets direct feedback about his work.

Hot halibut as a recipe

As a recipe, Michael Huppert chose a warm halibut with mashed potatoes, pepper, rocket and parmesan, which is currently on the menu. Even amateurs can cook it, he assures: The dish is ideal for an evening with guests because it is easy to prepare.

The ingredients for four people

4 x 180 g white halibut,

400 g of potatoes La Ratte,

50 g rugula,

salt, oil, lemon,

200 grams of milk,

100 g browned butter,

salt, thyme, garlic,

2 peppers, 2 shallots,

300 ml vegetable broth,

100 ml cream,

100 ml white wine,

Sprinkle of Lemon Juice, Olive Oil,


160 g crumbs,

110 g soft butter,

75 g grated Parmesan cheese.

The preparation

For the potatoes, heat the milk with a little thyme and garlic. Boil the peeled potatoes in salted water over medium heat for 25 to 30 minutes. Let the potatoes steam for a short time. Squeeze through a potato rice into a bowl. Fold the milk (without the thyme and garlic) and the brown butter into the potatoes. Pass everything through a fine sieve. Season with salt.

For the Parmesan cheese, mix the breadcrumbs with the softened butter. Mix the parmesan and five grams of salt. Spread the mixture on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake the chips at 170 degrees until golden brown.

For the pepper cream, peel the shallots and cut into thin strips and sauté in olive oil with the pepper sections. Add a little thyme, basil and garlic, mix with the white wine and reduce by half. Fill with the vegetable broth and cream and let it boil. Mix until creamy mass has formed, strain and season with salt and lemon.

Brush a deep baking tray with olive oil, place the halibut in it and cover with cling film to make it airtight. Cook at 60 degrees, depending on the thickness of the fish, for 30 minutes until translucent. The oven should not be hot due to the crumbs.

Peel the peppers and cut into circles two inches in diameter or cut them into cubes. Sweat the chopped peppers in olive oil with a little thyme, garlic and basil and roughen with a drop of white wine and salt. Marinate the rocket with a little olive oil, lemon and salt. Salt the finished fish and cover with the paprika slices. Place the potatoes in the center of the dish and place the fish on top. Sprinkle the Parmesan sprinkles over the dish. Garnish with rocket and the pepper cream.

The cooking tip

to cook
Michael Huppert completely processes his products. For example, he makes rocket oil from the rockets and the large leaves. The greens are pounded in oil, after which the oil is filtered.

The top of the wine

restaurant manager
Marianne Huppert (currently in maternity leave) recommends the expressive Sauvignon blanc Vogel 2019 from the Zimmerle winery in Korb (15.90 euros in the Kreis wine shop) with subtle fruit and wonderfully wholesome acidity.


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