These tips help you lose weight – and they are VERY EASY to integrate into everyday life!

From zero to a hundred in less than two seconds? If the scales achieve that, then it’s time for some heavy tricks. imagination images / Shotshop

Well, have you already discarded your good intentions? At the turn of the year, many people have made it their goal to lose a few pounds – not always necessarily about the famous “bikini figure”, but also about health. But many fail when it comes to diets, the inner bastard makes it impossible to persist. Many heavy tricks can be easily integrated into daily life. Here are five tips that can help with long-term lifestyle change.

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An ingenious trick with weight loss: eat on a set schedule

Many people try not to eat anymore – but that’s not a good idea. Because then the fat burning also changes to the rear burner. It’s much more about eating the right things at the right time. Research confirms that a constant routine can help lose pounds in the long run.

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Have a healthy and plentiful breakfast in the morning. This prevents food cravings throughout the day. At lunch, vegetable soup is the right choice because it fills you up for a long time. In the afternoon, milk or buttermilk eliminates hunger and provides the body with protein. And at 7pm there is dinner – preferably without carbohydrates and with a lot of protein. Eating should end after the 20th.

Weight loss trick on the go: buy the right thing at the bakery

Sometimes it just has to be quick – there wasn’t enough time for a reasonable breakfast or there isn’t vegetable soup for lunch. So to the bakery. Here it is important to buy the right one, advise experts. Gap has only about 113 calories, buttered pretzel has more than double with 338 calories! While there are “only” about 300 calories in a raisin bun, a raisin bun has nearly 700. And a classic croissant and chocolate croissant have a difference of just over 100 calories. So: Buy consciously and enjoy, then it will also work with the balance.

Natural yogurt is not only delicious, but also stimulates digestion and keeps the intestines healthy. dpa-tmn

Eating a lot of yogurt is said to help you lose weight

Natural yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria that promote digestion and keep the intestines healthy. It is also packed with protein, making it perfect for losing weight. But beware: processed yogurt is often sweetened – so use only the natural version.

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Tip: There are so-called “taste drops” in many pharmacies. These are small bottles with aromatic drops without sugar in different flavors. This transforms natural yogurt into strawberry yogurt, for example, without adding any additional sugar.

A trick to lose weight: curb the craving for sweets – that’s how it works!

If you want to save money, you always encounter the delay tactic: If you want to buy something, you should give yourself a week and only then hit. The need to have that one product immediately disappeared often. Does that work with food too? Yes! When the craving comes, you should question yourself before you go to the fridge. It is better to wait ten minutes and then check if the need is really that great. The chocolate attack is often a thing of the past. Moreover, the smell of vanilla helps – the sweet smell drives away cravings for sweets.

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Losing weight would be so easy if it weren’t for the craving for sweets … but it’s easy to curb it. dpa

Great trick with weight loss: keep chocolate out of reach!

Scientists always find things incredibly exciting – researchers at the University of Illinois, for example. They proved that we eat about nine pieces of chocolate every day when the sweet sin is attainable, for example on the desk. At a distance of one and a half meters, however, we access only about four times, reports “”. So: ban sweets! Take it out of your desk drawer, handbag, etc.

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