This legendary host has already cooked for Cliff Richard and Otto Rehhagel

Rino Frattesi leads a noble Italian from the picture book: his legendary restaurant is good and expensive. Pavarotti was there, Cliff Richard and Otto Rehhagel. It barely survived the coronary crisis.

Turned to enjoyment: Rino Frattesi, a legendary restaurateur from Essen.

Ristorante La Grappa by Rino Frattesi not far from the south side of the Essen railway station has been since 1978 (!) One of the best restaurants in the Ruhr region and has even been considered a primus inter pares among Italian restaurants. The pandemic came, Frattesi closed. Also inside.


Out of the box

In our “Beyond the Box” series we present culinary addresses that are worth traveling a few miles to find.

Surprisingly, it reopened in the fall of 2020, unfortunately only for a short time. The influential and charismatic cult restaurateur celebrated his 65th birthday. We wished the passionate host that the great story would not end.

A certain baroque attraction begins at La Grappa due to the abundant abundance of decoration, art and celebrity memorabilia. © Michael Alisch

And so it is. The indestructible Ristorante is active again. And so you can continue to feast on a noble level. Carp of tuna, salmon or beef fillet, Rossini-style with goose liver or with rich truffle cream. The kind, noble lentil soup with shrimp and, of course, the almost world-famous “Gnocchi Giulano” (19 euros), the success of Rino, the gnocchi with truffle sauce.

She also loved celebrities: Pavarotti, Berlusconi, Zucchero, Eros Ramazotti. And also Otto Rehhagel, who liked to come here to eat fish. Even Pope John Paul II is said to have once eaten at “La Grappa”.

As the best fish is served in the main dishes (from 35 euros), the wine list is like a book, has received international awards, and what is perhaps the largest grappa collection north of the Alps.

Rellinghauser Strasse 4
45128 food
0201 23 17 66
Mon – Fri 11: 30–14: 30 & 17: 30–23: 30 Look, Saturday 5.30pm – 11.30pm

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