Why lenses are not for everyone

They are considered valuable for a healthy diet: the lentils. However, you need to be careful with certain diseases.

the essentials briefly

  • Lentils belong to the vegetables.
  • As such, they are rich in valuable ingredients, especially vegetable proteins.
  • However, those who suffer from gout or high levels of uric acid should avoid lenses.

If you suffer from high levels of uric acid or gout, you should eat little or no lentils.

The reason for this is the purines contained, which cause the formation of uric acid during the breakdown, explains the Bavarian Consumer Advice Center.

Lentils, on the other hand, have a beneficial effect on people struggling with diabetes, high blood pressure or elevated blood lipids.

Superfood vegetables

Like most legumes, lentils are rich in valuable ingredients such as B vitamins, iron, calcium and fiber.

Dried lentils contain more than 20 percent protein, cooked are still between five and nine percent.

“If you supplement lentil dishes with grain, bread or pasta, the body is provided with all the necessary protein building blocks even without meat or dairy products,” says Anja Schwengel-Exner, a nutrition expert at the consumption center.

Lentils are therefore also popular in vegan cuisine. Dishes such as lentil stew or lentil salad keep you full and can stimulate digestion.

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