Youtuber plays through Skyrim with just a torch (and vegetable soup).

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The Youtuber Mitten Squad has experience with bizarre Skyrim races: He had already tried it with a fork, now it was the torch as the chosen weapon. And he actually managed to accomplish the main quest with it – albeit with some difficulty.

The first problem at all was getting a torch. The first battles he had to let NPCs fight for him. If that wasn’t an option, he just ran away. Only none of the initial merchants had a torch offered! So Mitten Squad became creative and was thrown into jail just to catch one. Now we could get started!

This is how torch construction works

Torches are not valid as single-handed weapons in Skyrim, but can be used to block and counterattack as a shield – just not as effectively. So Mitten Squad had to raise his Block ability and get the Deadly Counterattack profit, which gives 5x damage to shield and torch hits. So far, so understandable.

The last piece of the puzzle, however, comes unexpectedly: The humble vegetable soup! Why this? Because torches consume a lot of endurance. The torch is not intended to be a main weapon! But one serving of soup regenerates one point of health and endurance per second, for a full 12 minutes. The torch construction suddenly plays much more smoothly. So, to be ready for anything, Mitten Squad carried around a whole bunch of soup bowls. As the torch blows swaying enemies, he was even able to stun dragons almost permanently, bringing them to their knees.

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Now, Mitten Squad didn’t quite trust his torch for that. He made an exception for some abilities that don’t harm on his own, like the scream that forces dragons to the ground. And at some points, the story forced him to harm enemies in certain ways. Other than that, he only dealt damage with the torch. You can see a summary of his adventures, including the last boss battle, in his YouTube video.

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